"Mediterranean Diet Foods
for Your Healthy Lifestyle"

Healthy Eating the Mediterranean Way

The Mediterranean diet foods plan allows you to enjoy good food without making you worry too much about what you are eating.

That is exactly what the beauty of healthy eating is all about - to enjoy food that not only tastes good but is good for your health, too. Moreover, this type of healthy eating plan ultimately leads to a healthier body and a healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet plan follows a heart healthy diet rich in good fats such as fish, olive and canola oil.

It also consists of plant foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans.

The benefits of healthy eating the Mediterranean way are endless...

It has been found that those who follow the Mediterranean diet have lower risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart ailments and some forms of cancer.

What's more, Mediterranean diet foods can even help promote healthy weight loss.

This is because this diet primarily consists of whole foods that satisfy the appetite and not curb it. You do not deprive yourself of a certain type of food group; in fact, you even learn to control your craving which ultimately leads to weight loss.

The Sonoma Diet is an opportunity to experience Mediterranean diet foods in a way so that you retune and change your eating habits.

How does the Sonoma diet work?

There are three phases…During (Phase 1) that lasts for 10 days.  You reset your eating habits and get ready for the next phase.  Phase 2 is considered the “main segment” part of the diet plan.  You will remain in this phase until you reach your ideal weight goals.  Phase 3 consists of maintenance now that you have reached your goal this is where you stay.

There are over 500 recipes which are yours to prepare on this plan.  In addition, a meal planner is provided, shopping lists, and best of all you will be enjoying fresh, healthy, and delicious foods that are easy to prepare.  The Sonoma diet allows an occasional indulgence in snacks and desserts. 

At the end of the day, you will find that the Mediterranean diet plan proves that eating healthy and regular physical activity are key elements to having a healthy body and longer life.

There are many diets to choose from…I recommend the Sonoma Diet because it offers real foods, no diet foods…In addition it is a healthy lifestyle plan to help you change your eating  habits, eat food that is good for you as well as taste good.

The Sonoma diet just shows to be another important key to really get into the culture of Mediterranean diet foods and a healthy lifestyle.  Follow the link below to learn more about this heart healthy plan that offers 500 Mediterranean diet recipes...

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