"How to Manage Stress"

Millions of people search for resources on how to manage stress.

Stress can be a real killer when it comes to damaging your health and eroding your self confidence. Stress contributes to heart disease and many other ailments which keeps us from meeting the challenges of life.

Knowing how to cope with stress is a powerful approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

Coping with stress...

While stress is something that does not go away, it can be handled to a much greater degree when living the healthy lifestyle.

Eating right and exercising alone can significantly reduce stress and even remove it as a danger to your health. A little stress can be a good thing in helping to motivate us to get the job done.

Learning how to manage stress insures that stress does not go beyond its normal parameters to become a danger to your well being. 

It's when it gets out of hand that it can have a negative impact on your productivity, your family life, and worst of all; it can have a negative effect on your health and mental stability.

Keeping control...

To experience optimum health, we must learn how to manage negative stress before it gets out of control.

Most importantly, you can't clear your life of stress. But you can learn how to deal with stress, by responding to symptoms in a positive manner…

Worries bring on emotional stress.  While it is normal to worry about life-changing events, finances and family, unless we find out how to manage stress, it can lead to depression.

Depression brings another set of symptoms including loss of incentive, deep sadness, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Symptoms of depression are treatable when managed by your doctor.

If you think you may have stress - be on the look out for the following

Stress and weight management...

Weight maintenance appears a no-win situation when we are negatively stressed. Our eating habits yo-yo from lack of appetite to overeating. In negative stress, our stomachs produce more acid than normal, so there are periods when even the thought of food makes us queasy.

It is vitally important to maintain a healthy eating plan during times of abdominal distress, rely on nutritious foods such as soups, toast, rice, juices and oatmeal.

When you feel better, beef-up your nutrition by eating salads, fruit, vegetables and whole-grain bread.es the dual purpose of relieving stress symptoms and maintaining a stable weight.

Exercise serves the dual purpose of relieving stress symptoms and maintaining a stable weight.  Walking is the number one doctor recommended exercise. Conversely, exercise relaxes the physical and mental bodies.

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