“What is A Healthy Lifestyle?”

What is a healthy lifestyle? One persons view of a healthy lifestyle can be very different from another...That's because everyone have different needs.

However,  there is one thing that most agree on; A healthy lifestyle is doing all the things that promote good health and avoiding things that don't.

These factors are the only things you can control when it comes to living longer and stronger.

Someone who is given the short end of the stick when it comes to genetics may actually live longer and be healthier than someone with perfect genes by living healthier and doing everything it takes to remain that way.

There's no magic pill that will get you there; it's small decisions you make throughout each day that does. A healthy lifestyle involves many factors, with your diet, exercise, sleep and the ability to relax and reduce stress at the top of the list

Of course, avoiding certain things also helps.

These include drug use, smoking and alcohol abuse. While a small glass of red wine with your dinner may be healthy, drinking more than that isn't. Making the right choices in all these areas can help you keep your body at the proper weight, lower your blood pressure and keep your blood sugar levels in check.

What the experts say about What is a Healthy Lifestyle…

The  AHA (American Heart Association) list 7 behavior factors that  help to understand what a healthy lifestyle is. They call it “Life’s Simple 7”…

  1. Eat healthy foods
  2. Engage in regular physical activity
  3. Maintain a healthy weight 
  4. Manage blood pressure
  5. Manage cholesterol
  6. Manage blood sugar
  7. Quit smoking

How can we start living a healthy lifestyle?

You now know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. How does it impact your health and exactly what does it mean?

A healthy diet contains a wide variety of colors and plenty of plant based food. If you are like many people, you had a home economics course in Junior High School or Middle School. The teacher probably told you to create meals that had many different colors. There's a good reason for that. We need to eat in a way that meets nutritional needs of the body.

Regular exercise is also extremely important to good health. Regular exercise lengthens the telomeres that protect the cells and keep the chromosomes from unraveling. That translates to remaining not only healthier but also younger looking, since it prevents cell damage and death, the cause of illness and disease. Regular exercise also stimulates the brain to create new pathways.

Many of us embark on a healthy lifestyle when we are tired of diets, exercises and weight loss programs that eventually fail on it's promise to deliver.  Many times we're left right back where we started.  Learning really what is a healthy lifestyle will change all that.

We can start by adding a few critical components to our lifestyle, for healthy living.  If we want....

  • To lose weight and keep it off – of course this is a side effect of living healthy 
  • A fitness program – we can stick with
  • The right balance of quality food supplements
  • To never diet again
  • Get started - and stay on the right track.

The perfect blend of healthy eating for proper nutrition, moderate effective exercises, and stress management are should be main focus.  Behavior modification or lifestyle change is key.

Remember.  If nothing changes...Nothing happens...

Another key is to seek a healthy lifestyle before health issues and excessive weight gain.  It is well known that many health issues are lifestyle related.

The most important key to a healthy lifestyle is commitment and finding ways to blend healthy habits into daily living. 

Learning what is a healthy lifestyle, all that it entails, and where you are in the picture is the beginning , and sets the ground work to start living a healthy lifestyle and staying on track...

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