"Types of Aerobic Exercise
To Fit Your Healthy Lifestyle"

Definition of aerobic exercise

Typically, all types of aerobic exercise employs the use of large muscle groups such as the legs and arms while putting to use a great deal of oxygen.

There are many good examples of aerobic exercises to choose from; some good examples include jogging, cycling, swimming and other water workouts, dancing as well as just simply walking.

These include working out at home or in the Gym. Choose one that is right for you and your current level of fitness. You may want to consult your doctor or qualified personal trainer before starting your exercise program.

The FITT Principle can get you started with the right types of aerobic exercise for you...

FITT stands for "frequency, intensity, time and type" of activity needed to develop cardio respiratory endurance. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has some recommendations regarding FITT that can help you exercise efficiently for optimal health.

The recommendations of ACSM say that “modern intensity of physical activity of at least 30 minutes each session, 5 days a week” or “high intensity amounts of physical activity for 30 minutes each session for 3 days a week” regarding aerobic and cardio activity.

In addition to these requirements a person should also be working toward increasing their muscular strength at least two times a week.

For cardio and aerobic exercise you can do a number of different exercises from swimming, running or aerobic classes like Zumba to jumping rope and basically any cardio activity. The intensity will be set by your current physical fitness level. If you're not sure where to start enlist the aid of a personal trainer.

The same thing goes for strength training and muscle toning. If you perform the minimum recommendations from the ACSM and continue to improve, you'll be on your way to a healthy lifestyle and optimal health related fitness.

Benefits from performing aerobic exercises are many, including improved respiration, better blood circulation, increased muscle tone as well as just an overall feeling of well-being.

Unfortunately, many people believe that aerobic exercise is strictly associated with weight loss. It is true that aerobic exercise has always been considered one of the better ways to burn fat, lose some weight as well as protect your heart.

A regular schedule performing the right types of aerobic exercises to fit your fitness level… will help promote overall improvement in physical health.

Conducting regular aerobic activity also helps increase a greater sense of well-being and improving mental health – something vital to acquiring, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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