"How to Identify Stress Causes
for a Healthy Lifestyle"

Biggest Stress Causes

A great deal of every day experiences are stress causes. It could be simple situations that you encounter in life like going on a first date, a job interview or even preparing for upcoming trip. 

These different types of short term stresses are normal parts of life and we all experience them from time to time.

It’s when you experience chronic stress, known as long term stress, that they can have a dangerous impact on your life.

Chronic stress is brought on by stressful situations or events that keep occurring over an extensive period of time, like a job you don't like but can't afford to leave, unemployment, financial instability and conflicts in your family.

Chronic stress causes severe health problems if you don't learn how to handle or completely eliminate it.

Stress in the family is a common stress trigger and impacts most of us at some time in our lives. Whether you are a new mother, a working mother, a dad trying to support his family, have a teen going through those disruptive teen years, or are caring for a sick parent, family matters can cause a huge amount of stress.

Even though these are typical causes of stress, many people have such a hard time handling them that it leads to a negative, long term, impact on their lives.

You can identify your stress levels by measuring them through a point system. For example where the loss of a love one would be a hundred points, an event, such as a holiday like Christmas, can be only 12...

Using this system can not only show you what makes you feel stressed, it can also show you what calms you down as well as help you set your priorities.

As mentioned above,  stressors are different for everyone, with some people being frightened of speaking in public, some people have stress problems related to their career and job, and some people are stressed out because of family issues.

When one of these stress triggers set you off, you'll more than likely react in a negative way emotionally, which will lead to a destructive reaction regarding your health.

Mapping out what causes the stress in your life can help you identify what problems you should address, which ones give you debilitating amounts of stress, and which ones are just normal stresses that we all face in life.

Once you have identified the cause of your stress you can move on to identifying a solution.

If the stress is chronic, you can learn to move away from the cause, or learn to deal with it in a calm and practical manner. Stress should be a motivator, a human way of identifying what needs to be taken care of and prioritizing them by their importance.

Following through with positive actions will help you learn how to handle the stress and eventually help you work on the problems in your life in a positive manner. You don't need to feel helpless because there is help out there.

There are many ways to deal with stress but the first step is identifying the stress causes.

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