"Low Glycemic Diet Plans -
Stop Cravings, Lose Weight"

Low Glycemic Diet Plans - The hunger and the cravings goes away and extra body fat goes along with it ...

When you begin the low glycemic diet plan, the first thing you do is eliminate your cravings.

It's important to understand what exactly causes your weight to change, and more importantly, what can help you lose and manage weight in a healthy way.

There are many diet plans out there to choose from and it's difficult to know which one will work best for your particular situation and weight loss goals.

 A Low glycemic diet plan is a healthy way to lose weight safely and quickly as well.

Low glycemic foods can also greatly reduce that bloated feeling we experience at times as well as help you lose weight and keep it off.

The first phase of most low glycemic diets usually last a couple of weeks, during which time you eliminate your cravings for carbs while stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

This is a big step towards losing weight and is particularly helpful if you are or know someone who is diabetic or have unhealthy blood sugar levels.

You need to start off by eating plenty of fiber rich foods that are dense and filling. 

You can also enjoy a variety of lean protein such as fish, various white meats, and leaner cuts of beef. In addition, you'll be able to eat eggs, low fat diary, avocados, peanut butter and various nuts and seeds.

These low glycemic diet plans encourage you to snack on these heart healthy foods which is easy because you have a lot of choices, keeping boredom at bay.

How do you know which foods are high in glycemic content?  Well luckily there are charts all over the internet and found at various health food stores.

The glycemic index number organizes their ratings and lets you know what kind of foods are okay and which are not.

For breakfast for instance All-bran and oatmeal are low in glycemic content and have the index numbers of 42 and 49.

Cornflakes and rice krispies on the other hand have index numbers of 83 and 82 and are rated as high glycemic foods, and are bad choices and a poor way to start your day.

 Most dairy foods are at the low glycemic levels, except for ice cream, which is rated a 61, making it a medium glycemic level food choice.

The low glycemic diets give you a lot of room to play with, and the only type of food really excluded is corn and potatoes. Also most pastries are high in glycemic content, but you should be avoiding these food choices anyway.

After the first phase, low glycemic diets continues on, after stabilizing the blood sugar levels, you'll stick to low glycemic foods but start upping the amount of good carbs that you can take in.

This means you can eat whole grains now like whole wheat breads whole wheat pasta and more. This can allow you make a lot of hearty, satisfying meals without having to worry about falling off track with your diet.

With your blood sugar stabilized and a healthy intake of foods being enjoyed, weight loss will come easily and safely without feeling like you're missing out.

The final phase on the low glycemic diet is about keeping on track with your new healthy and balanced eating plan.

Once you find your healthy weight and achieve your goal, don't stop. Maintaining your new, healthy, blood sugar levels by consuming low glycemic foods will help you live a much happier and energetic life.

Low glycemic foods are full of nutrients that boost your body's immune system, which is just one of the many reasons low glycemic diet plans should be followed the rest of your life.

You can still have almost all your favorite foods, and even the ones with a higher glycemic index number are still okay, you just have to eat them in moderation.

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