"Keys to Living A Healthy Lifestyle"

If living a healthy lifestyle was easy, we wouldn't be seeing, for the most part, the global, obesity epidemic we are experiencing now.

With the daily stresses most of us find ourselves dealing with, the fast food places on every corner, the commercials on television constantly pushing fattening and tempting comfort foods, it's no wonder we're gaining so much weight and having health issues.

So what is the magic formula that will finally get us on the right track, both mentally and physically?

The keys to a healthy lifestyle are actually very simple.

First, you need to truly understand, and actually be excited about, how you can benefit from living a healthy lifestyle and how breaking bad habits can lead you to a vibrant and energetic life.

Making healthy lifestyle changes will reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a variety of cancers.

It will also improve quality of life and make your later years worth living. We are in full control of not only what we put in our mouths, but getting up and moving, once we find out how to stay motivated.

It's all about making new, healthy habits stick.  Healthy habits won't happen overnight, but if you keep at it, you will succeed. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to learn how to be kind and patient with yourself.

Most importantly, if you fall off track, which we all do once in awhile, just get back on - never give up.  So what gets in the way?

Common reasons for not living a healthy lifestyle

To get started, let's look at a few of the top reason's most people have trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Stress: Stress is the number one reason most people gain weight and don't exercise. It can be brought on by financial problems, self esteem issues, problems with the kids, caring for a parent, moving or catastrophic changes in our lives like divorce or the loss of a job.

When we're in the middle of this stress, most of us reach for comfort foods, alcohol and even drugs. Great stress relievers are meditation, yoga, pilates, taking a walk, reading a book or simply finding a peaceful 5 minutes alone.

Busy Lifestyle: Most of us live a constant, rush, rush lifestyle that often is a combination of rushing the kids to school, working full time, shopping, cooking for the family, running the kids to all their activities and more.

In most of these cases, people pick up the wrong kinds of processed or fast foods and instant foods for quick meal fixes, and literally make no time in their lives for healthy diet plans. In actuality, exercise plans and healthy eating plans must be an important part of living a healthy lifestyle that you need to find time for, no excuses.

Excessive Weight and Exercise: Most individuals that are already overweight don't think they are able to exercise enough to make a difference, so they just give up. This is so not true.

It's all about baby steps and patience. Go for short walks, just 10 minutes on the treadmill and one pound free weights and work your way up.

Lack of Self Confidence: Anybody who has struggled with weight loss has more than likely experienced numerous ups and downs. They've probably tried every new fad diet, have lost weight, just to gain it all back again, leading them to believing that they will never lose weight, and get the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is simply just not the case.

Millions of people eventually found the inner strength they needed to lose the weight and keep it off and are leading lives full of vitality. You can do it too.

Now it's your turn to draw on your inner strength to lose and maintain a healthy weight and lead a life full of vitality.

Find healthy lifestyle tips here to help you identify the factors that hold you back and will lead to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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