"How Does Stress Affect Health"

Here we will be answering the question "How does stress effect health?"

Stress, to some degree, is an unavoidable part of life.

It's when it gets out of hand that it can have a negative impact on your productivity, your family life, and worst of all...

It can have a negative effect on your health and mental stability.

Once you understand what is causing your stress, you can begin to take control and live the healthier and vibrant life that you deserve.

The dangers of stress slowly creep up on you until it becomes a part of each passing day, causing us to feel out of control.

When we experience stress, Cortisol, a stress hormone in the body, is elevated.

A small elevation of Cortisol can be a good thing as it creates bursts of energy, boosts the memory, charges the immune system and lowers our sensitivity to pain among other things.

If Cortisol is elevated too often, the body can't function properly and can push stress levels to the chronic stages.

We want to manage chronic stress before it leads to clinical depression.  Depression can alter the mood to feelings of total hopelessness. You may lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.

You may have to force yourself to do something as simple as eating.  You may even forget to eat.

You may shut out your friends and family which can be very hurtful to your loved ones.

If this pattern persist for a couple weeks or more you may be having more than a bout with the blues...

It may be time to visit your mental health professional.  It is just as important if not more to take care of the mind as well as take of the body.  No stigma should be involved.

Stress also leads to a variety of other health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure,  and stroke...

Loss of sleep is another negative side effect of stress that makes it difficult to handle day to day life. When stress gets to the point that it is keeping you from getting a good night's sleep, it can bring on numerous mental as well as health problems...

It can cause you to gain weight, make you feel sluggish, disoriented and  even take a toll on your immune system. If you're at this point, it's time to identify the causes, learn ways to manage stress and change your lifestyle.

You are starting to understand how stress affects health.  Your health.

If you feel emotionally and physically exhausted, have fluctuating weight, have trouble sleeping, and feel as if things that shouldn't bug you constantly get on your nerves, you are probably suffering from stress.

How does stress affect health as a motivator; it can be something that warns you of a negative situation that might be approaching and helps you avoid the situation. On the other hand, chronic stress will take away the vibrant, healthy life you deserve.

Luckily, through identifying the causes of stress and managing your life proactively, you can learn to handle these symptoms through a number of stress relieving techniques like breathing exercises, Tai chi and Yoga just to name a few.

If you feel you may need professional help, go for it, do whatever it takes to find relief. It's crucial to know how stress affect health so that you take these issues into consideration and identify the most efficient solution for you, which is the key to living a stress free and healthy life.

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